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Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)

The following lists of writing tools and strategies are important to consider when determining what types of assistive technology need to be trialed or implemented to support your struggling student. These may be readily available in the classroom, on the web or accessible for trial through the assistive technology specialist.

Fine Motor


  • Word processor with spelling and grammar check- spelling/editing features built in
  • Wordprediction
  • Online spell check (Ginger)
  • Autocomplete in TextEdit for Mac



  • Use interactive graphic organizers to plan and organize ideas
  • Increase keyboarding speed and accuracy through the use of software and/or websites
  • Increase legibility of written work through the use of word processors
  • Use text-to-speech, electronic spell checkers, and spelling/grammar proofreaders to assist with editing and revising
  • Allow student to use an audio recorder to dictate written responses