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Writing - Tier 2

At Tier 2, teachers identify individual students whose academic needs are not being met by use of Universal Design for Learning Principles (UDL) and the basic tools and strategies made available in Tier 1. Using the data collected in Tier 1, teachers target needs and barriers that require further supports and strategies. Within the Tier 2 process, the team will begin the trial use of more specialized equipment and gather data about the effectiveness of the equipment trials. Using the roles and responsibility guideline below, AT Specialists consult with site level teams to guide selection of appropriate equipment, provide equipment for trial, and support implementation.

Roles and Responsibilities
IEP Team
Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Look for ideas in: Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)
  • Identifies additional needs and barriers
  • Clarifies specific needs
  • Requests informal assistance (consult) from AT Specialist
  • Implement suggested strategies and supports
  • Provide data from trials of Tier 1 tools/strategies
  • Collect data on newly implemented strategies or equipment
  • Follow district procedures for repair and maintenance of equipment
  • Contact AT specialist for assistance
  • Write AT supports and equipment in IEP Special Factors
  • Access training resources
  • Provides consultation for individual students per district procedures.
  • Supports trials with technology
  • Provides access to training for specific tools, software, and devices
  • Model use of technology strategies and supports
  • Follow district procedures for repair and maintenance of equipment
  • Provide information and resources regarding AT
  • Provide data collection forms for devices/strategies 
  • Answer questions and provide training on the Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)

Data Collection
Use data collected in Tier 1 (See Data Summary Sheet Tier 1) as the baseline
Collect additional data after trials with Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)
Download and use Tier 2 Writing Data Summary Sheet or use your own data collection forms.

Data for Composition
  • Written language samples 
  • Dictated work compared to handwritten work 
  • Spelling scores 
  • Written language scores
Data for Fine Motor
  • Handwriting samples 
  • Observe pencil grip method 
  • Keyboarding rate 

I've tried the Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 2), but my student needs more support.
If so, please click on Writing Tier 3.