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Writing - Tier 1

Tier 1 targets building academic skills for all students using resources readily available in the classroom. Teachers gather basic student profile information about academic skills and formulate clear, realistic goals. They identify tasks and barriers within the curriculum where the students are unable to participate and modify the environment based on these needs. Use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles should guide the modifications to support the widest number of learners. Teachers use additional resources suggested in Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 1). Utilization of Tier 1 strategies and supports will meet the academic needs of a majority of students. To accomplish this, it is important to identify the roles and responsibilities of your school site support staff and assistive technology specialist. It is also important to collect data related to the student's use of Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 1).

 Roles and Responsibilities
IEP Team
Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Creates a positive learning environment through use of readily available classroom resources 
  • Looks for ideas from these Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 1)
  • Gathers basic student profile information about written language. 
  • Accesses free and available district resources 
  • Accesses trainings for Tier 1 support tools 
  • Identifies needs for further interventions through data collection

 Data Collection

Collect baseline writing data before introduction of Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 1)
Collect follow-up data after utilizing the tools and strategies
Download and use the Tier 1 Writing Data Summary Sheet or use your own data collection forms.

Data for Composition

  • Written language samples 
  • Dictated work compared to handwritten work 
  • Spelling scores 
  • Written language scores
Data for Fine Motor
  • Handwriting samples 
  • Observe pencil grip method 
  • Keyboarding rate

I've tried the Writing Tools and Strategies (Tier 1), but my student needs more support.
If so, please click on Writing Tier 2.