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Use our systematic approach designed on a three-tiered model, similar to RTI, to identify technology supports for students with specialized needs in the area of Writing. Within this model, it is expected that 80% of student needs will be met at Tier 1 using tools and strategies that all teachers have available and can readily implement. The remaining 20% of students will require more specialized technology provided through Tier 2 and Tier 3 of this AT Guide.

 Does your student struggle in the area of Writing?
Fine Motor
  • Unable to produce legible written assignments
  • Handwriting is slow and laborious
  • Writes less because of fatigue
  • Organizing and sequencing ideas
  • Generating ideas and planning written content
  • Structuring an acceptable paragraph
  • Getting started on a sentence or story
  • Adding information to a topic
  • Using variety of vocabulary
  • Integrating information from different sources
  • Relating information to specific topics
  • Spelling, grammar and syntax
  • Editing
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