General AT - Tier 2

Tier 2 AT

At Tier 2, teachers begin to identify individual students whose academic needs are not being met within the curriculum rich environments provided in Tier 1. Teachers utilize the data collected in Tier 1 to identify additional supports and strategies. Teachers may contact AT Specialist/Team, gather more specific data, and begin trial use of additional equipment. AT Specialists consult with site level teams to give strategies and provide equipment for trial.

Roles and Responsibilites of Site Level IEP Team Members


Identify additional needs

Clarify specific needs

Request informal assistance from AT

Implement suggested strategies and supports

Provide data from Tier 1 tools/strategies trialed

Collect data on newly implemented strategies or equipment

Follow district procedures for repair and maintenance of equipment

  • Contact AT specialist for assistance

Write AT supports and equipment in IEP Special Factors

Access training resources


Roles and Responsibilites of AT


Provide consultation for individual students

Support trials with technology

Provide access to training for specific tools, software, and devices

Model use of low-tech and mid-tech strategies and supports

Follow district procedures for repair and maintenance of equipment

Provide information and resources regarding AT

Provide data collection forms for devices/strategies


Data Collection


Data is collected to determine the need and effectiveness of technology and/or monitor progress on IEP goals or identified area of need.  Current technology supports and systems are monitored for effectiveness.

When additional supports are needed, begin to gather data from existing records on the following:
  • hearing/vision/sensori-perceptual skills 
  • cognitive skills
  • physical access skills  
  • what's been tried/what's successful
  • current academic skills
  • current strategies used by student 
  • current communication skills (receptive/expressive/pragmatic)
  • level of attention to task and level of participation  
  • academic needs (e.g.,where is the breakdown -- types of assignments, time of day, types of subjects)
  • level of self-advocacy 
  • goal data sheets 
  • behavior data collection
  • language skills in relation to academics
  • maintain equipment data forms provided by AT Specialist 






Text-to-speech spell checker/electronic speaking dictionary, audio books, tape recorders, reading pens, text-to-speech function within existing programs




  • Organization:  typing device, standard word processing program, free online resources
  • Note taking/Copying:  Tape recorder, digital recorder, typing device, standard word processing program
  • Handwriting:  portable word processors, voice recorders, standard word processing program   
  • Speed:  Typing device, tape recorder or digital recorder, standard word processing program, auto correction, abbreviation/expansion feature.
  • Editing/Writing conventions:  Electronic dictionary/spell checker, typing device, standard word processing program, auto correct feature,  abbreviation-expansion feature, free online resources
  • Keyboarding skills:  Typing device, different keyboard lay-outs, typing tutor programs, free online resources
  • Spelling: Typing device with spell check, electronic dictionary/spell checker with auditory feedback, tape recorder, standard word processing program, free online resources, auto correction feature, abbreviation/expansion feature




Online resources, coin calculators, fraction calculator, talking watches/clocks, talking calculator, on-screen calculator, Braille calculator, calculator with large keys, calculator with print out function, large key calculator,




  • Organization:  Standard Word processing program/organization tool (eg. Microsoft OneNote, AskSam), Software Datebook/Calendars, Digital recorder, Talking watches, Free online resources (eg. Google calendar), Portable word processor
  • Notetaking:  Recorder, Word processor




Training at Tier 2 focuses on creating academic-rich environments by integrating specialized technology systems and devices to facilitate access to the curriculum.  AT Specialist provides training to student, parent, and staff.  Training topics include:

  • Continued operational training for software and hardware
  • Implementation of more specially designed systems
  • Continued data collection
  • Smaller number of students utilizing systems and devices
  • Parent involvement




Product descriptions, manuals, data sheets, free resources, training videos