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Reading Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)

The following lists of reading tools and strategies are important to consider when determining what types of assistive technology need to be trialed or implemented to support your struggling student. These may be readily available in the classroom, on the web or accessible for trial through the assistive technology specialist.

  • Personal audio books and players
  • Hand held electronic speaking dictionary 
  • Scan and read app (Prizmo)
  • Bookshare subscription for eligible students
  • Bookshare app Read2Go (Apple iOS), Go Read (Android), and Voice Dream


  • Use audio books and have students read along with text
  • Use tools with text-to-speech (e.g., electronic dictionary, online dictionary/encyclopedia, text reader) to support decoding and pronunciation

  • Use electronic graphic organizers
  • Use audio books and have students read along with text
  • Use a digital recorder for students to record reading and review of material
  • Use electronic/online dictionary with text-to-speech and/or picture supports to look up unknown words
  • Provide annotated files with cues to aid comprehension
  • Provide symbol adapted stories and curriculum