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Get Started - Reading

Use our systematic approach designed on a three-tiered model, similar to RTI, to identify technology supports for students with specialized needs in the area of Reading. Within this model, it is expected that 80% of student needs will be met at Tier 1 using tools and strategies that all teachers have available and can readily implement. The remaining 20% of students will require more specialized technology provided through Tier 2 and Tier 3 of this AT Guide.

 Does your student struggle in the area of Reading?
  • Translating printed regular words into sounds
  • Translating printed pseudo-words or printed unfamiliar words into sounds
  • Accurately decoding words
  • Reading at a fluent speed/rate
  • Generating and/or answering questions about text
  • Summarizing text
  • Understanding vocabulary in the text
  • Making their own graphic representations about text (e.g. mind maps, outlines, etc)
Start Here: Reading - Tier 1