Organization Tools and Strategies (Tier 3)

The following lists of organization tools and strategies are important to consider when determining what types of assistive technology need to be trialed or implemented to support your struggling student. The Assistive Technology Specialist will facilitate the trial and implementation of various tools and strategies to assist your student.

  • Train the student on how to use the device with organization/scheduling app as well as how it will be incorporated into their daily routine. This may include the training of staff members or students that can help with inputing scheduling information (assignments, class schedule, etc.).
  • Train the student on how to use the graphic organizing software to develop paragraph or longer assignments which may include how to transfer a draft from the software program to a word-processing program such as MS Word.
  • Train the student on how to transfer information from the electronic pen to a computer and access both the written and audio notes. This may also include setting up an on-line account (Livescribe Desktop). One important consideration when recording classroom lectures is gaining permission from the school/district to do so.