Organization Tools and Strategies (Tier 2)

The following lists of organization tools and strategies are important to consider when determining what types of assistive technology need to be trialed or implemented to support your struggling student. These may be readily available in the classroom or accessible through the assistive technology specialist.

  • Portable word processor
  • Software calendars
  • Calendar app for iOS or Android tablet devices (iPad, etc.)
  • Digital recorder (audio recorder)
  • Online calendars (e.g. Google calendars,
  • Talking Watches
  • Webspiration
  • Standard word processing program/organization tool 
  • Online organization programs (e.g. Evernote)
  • Software graphic organizers (InspirationDraft:Builder)

    • Input classroom schedule, assignment due dates, etc. into portable word processors or handheld devices (Forte, iPad, iPod, Chromebook etc.)
    • Have student, classroom aide, classmate, or teacher input daily homework assignments, upcoming assignments, etc. into digital recorder.

  • Use on-line calendars for imputing homework assignments, etc. that the student, teacher, and/or parent could access remotely.
  • Have the student wear a talking watch that could be programmed to provide an auditory reminder of homework assignments, bell schedule, etc.