Organization Tools and Strategies (Tier 1)

The following lists of organization tools and strategies are important initial steps to consider when determining what types of assistive technology have been or need to be trialed or implemented to support your struggling student. These may be readily available in the classroom.

  • Planner/notebook for writing homework
  • Google Drive
  • My homework student planner
  • Colored folders
  • Colored labels
  • Subject specific notebooks/folders
  • Sticky notes, flags, arrows
  • Index cards
  • Highlighters
  • Visual schedules
  • Calendar
  • Fill-in–the-blank/Cloze techniques for notes
  • Websites for homework and copies of notes

  • Designated place in class for completed assignments
  • Peer note taker
  • Notebook/assignment checks by teacher and/or parent
  • School-wide homework systems
  • Use visual reminders (such as sticky notes) in text books